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Welcome to OKU IZAKAYA – A Place to Experience the Full Spectrum of Japanese Delicacies from Sushi to Small Plates and Creative Dishes. At OKU IZAKAYA, indulge in a diverse array of Japanese flavors, ranging from sushi to small plates and innovative culinary creations. Our menu encapsulates the quintessential izakaya ambiance, offering unexpected culinary combinations such as sashimi paired with cheese or meat finished with kelp, providing a unique dining experience. We’ve added a touch of creativity to classic dishes, presenting tantalizing options like thick-cut braised pork, boldly spiced karaage, and smoked silver cod,  inviting you to savor novel tastes. Delight in fresh sashimi and bite-sized hand-rolled sushi tacos, meticulously prepared to blend traditional flavors with inventive culinary techniques. At OKU IZAKAYA, celebrate the diversity of Japanese cuisine in a vibrant and inviting space, where familiar tastes meet innovative culinary creations,  inviting you on a flavorful journey.