Our Story

We aim to provide a place where individuals can easily enjoy the deliciousness of Japanese cuisine while escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relaxing in a comfortable atmosphere. Our open kitchen, visible from the counter seats, offers a lively view of the cooking process, adding to the experience.Our concept revolves around creating a cozy and welcoming space where anyone can stop by without hesitation. We value the essence of an at-home ambiance, reminiscent of Japanese izakayas, offering small pleasures like a quick drink before the main course or a post-work drink to satiate late-night cravings. Our goal is to help our guests unwind and rejuvenate from daily fatigue. We aspire to provide a setting where customers can sit at the counter, enjoying the aroma of the dishes and witnessing the cooking process, allowing them to genuinely relax. With a desire to encourage a more casual appreciation of Japanese cuisine, we endeavor to deliver a warm atmosphere coupled with delicious food. We warmly welcome guests to a place where they can momentarily detach from their routine, allowing their minds and bodies to refresh. We sincerely invite you to visit our establishment and savor moments of pure bliss.